Nino and Sara

October 8th, 2022

Buffalo, NY

Wedding Details

Wedding Ceremony:
Saturday, October 8th, 2022
Time: TBD
Venue: Buffalo History Museum
Address: 1 Museum Court, Buffalo NY 14216

Wedding Reception:
Saturday, October 8th, 2022
Time: TBD
The Buffalo Club
388 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

Our Story

It was a cold night in November of 2016 when Nino returned home late after a long shift bartending. After making (and drinking) many mojitos, he was exhausted and decided to go right home instead of his usual pit stop at Frizzy’s. Nino was aware that he had several texts from his friend Brandon, but figured that once he got home he would answer; the texts remained unopened.

Something seemed a bit off when he first opened his door, as all of the lights were on in the house and his dog, Rupert, did not come to greet him as expected. It took just a second to identify what was off, as when he called for Rupert, he saw the big Rottweiler look up at him from the floor by the couch, being held down, seemingly cuddled by… you guessed it, Sara.

Nino was flabbergasted, wondering who this woman was, why she was in his house, and most shockingly, why she was on the floor cuddling his dog (whom was not the most keen on meeting new people to say the least.

“Ah…Brandon.” Nino thought as he reached for his phone to read the texts from his friend stating that he knew where my spare key was and was dropping off his friend Sara who was deemed to be too tired (i.e., drunk) to continue to hang.

Nino was upset with Brandon, not only for breaking into his house, but also for dropping someone off whom he never met without getting the confirmation that it was okay to do so. The anger, however, subsided quickly after that night as Sara and Nino started to spend more time together, almost every Sunday since that day.

In May 2017, Nino fully decided that Sara was the woman for him when they shared their first kiss. Sara did not feel the same, but it was an endless pursuit until Nino weaseled his way in and Sara finally expressed her feelings by telling Nino she loved him after Soup Fest in January 2018. Nothing like a good soup to get in touch with your inner emotions, huh?

Still though, Nino and Sara were not officially together for many months to come which comprised of Nino asking Sara if she would be his girlfriend too many times to count and being rejected. In fact, the date of becoming “official” is not remembered but believed to be around May 2018 when Nino point blank refused to to leave Sara’s apartment while studying for his first year grad school finals.

The rest is history…

Travel Details

Hotels we recommend within walking distance. Don’t forget to check Kayak, Priceline, etc.

Lenox Hotel

Best Western on the Avenue

The Westin Buffalo

Hampton Inn and Suites Buffalo

Aloft Buffalo

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Buffalo

The Mansion on Delaware Ave

If you’re okay with ubering downtown and want to save some $$, here are some other options:

Best Western the Inn at Buffalo Airport

Buffalo Airport Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Buffalo Airport

Aloft Buffalo Airport

Millenium Hotel

Wedding Party

Sara’s Party

Whitney Hyman
Catherine Gallagher
Justine Preston
Stephanie Warnick
Janine Lesniak
Joanna Watkins
Leigh Martinez

Nino’s Party

Christian Martinez
Monica Quebral
Christopher Driscoll
Brandon Jaimes
Felicia Munn
Daniel Lodinsky
Joshua Watkins

Wedding Registry

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